(R18) GodXKing

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Language: English
Page : 48 pages
Color : Black and White
Size : B5 (176×250)

tumbling down,tumbling down,tumbling down.

  • For digital copy
    • Come with English and Thai language
    • NON-DRM (Please don’t hurt artist :'( )
    • Download expiry: 90days

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8 reviews for (R18) GodXKing

  1. queridoff (verified owner)

    Good work!! Godzilla so charming <3

  2. drjurgen (verified owner)

    Burnt Metal was one of the best things I’ve ever read and is pry my personal favorite so far. This continues the trend and is really damn good. Good job Agi

  3. grovintime (verified owner)

    He is hot. 💛

  4. casketcat (verified owner)

    Incredible artwork with far too much of it to enjoy. Agi, you seriously did a fantastic job with this, and always keep up the great work. Already got a protective sleeve over the physical copy, because it’s a real keeper. <3

  5. maxzor (verified owner)

    Very hot comic, i love it!
    The pictures are so good, excellent work Agi!

  6. BaraDaddyGhidorah (verified owner)

    A beautiful and well drawn comic, with incredible and outstanding artwork that was a joy to watch. Excellent comic with great porn scenes with our favorite kaijus. From the bottom of my heart, i am grateful to you Agitype01, for making this comic. As a long time fan of Godzilla, and coming from a country in which there`s null presence and merchandising of Godzilla franchise, and with the smallest furry community in the world, this was the best stuff i could have gotten in recent years. I wish you good luck, and may you continue to draw awesome stuff, and prob even more kaijus!

  7. zimmer (verified owner)


  8. kaijukemono89 (verified owner)

    Beautiful, engrossing, captivating. I bought the digital and physical copy and enjoyed reading it so much through both methods. I grew up with Godzilla, even calling him my Big G Bro (conflicted feelings are real) but to enjoy him even into my adulthood while I figure things out about myself…he’s just the best. He’s done very well and his existence will always live on…long live the King!!!

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